Lakeway Marina

Where to fuel your boat on Lake Travis

Emerald Point Marina

This place offers a total of about eighty-eight Octane fuel, along with a store, restaurant making it one of the finest choices to fuel your boat. It is located in the Hiline Road – on 5973 Hiline road. It has a fuel dock which you can use to fuel your boat as it lodges around twenty to sixty feet in both covered and open slips. It also has three hundred and forty Dry Stack spots on land with an exclusive dealer for hydro hoist boatlifts. Some of the frequently asked questions about Emerald Point Marina are:


  • Is it a fuel dock?: Yes, it is.
  • How much fuel does this dock offer?: 88 Octane
  • Does it have a Ship’s Store: Yes, it has.
  • Is there any restaurant available at the dock?: Yes, it has.

Exact Location: 5973 Hiline Rd

Phone Number: (512) 266-1535

Emerald Point Bar & Grill Photo
Photo Credi: Emerald Point Bar & Grill Facebook Page

Crosswater Yacht Club

Crosswater Yacht Club has a ship store that offers a fuel dock – however, it doesn’t have any restaurant where visitors could come and have lunch, dinner, or snack – with friends, family, or with their own company. Crosswater Yacht Club is located at 1505 Hurst Creek Road and offers about eighty-seven octane of fuel for your boat. Furthermore, the place offers a community patio and a VIP Valet Service, along with some of the quality brands in Marine Center and a department that’s open 24/7 hours of the day, commonly known as an incredible full-service department.


  • Is it a fuel dock?: Yes, it is.
  • How much fuel does it offer?: About 90 Octane, which is Ethanol Free.
  • Does it have a ship store? Yes, it has.
  • Does it have a restaurant: No

Location: 1505 Hurst Creek Rd

Phone No: (512) 261-5253

Crosswater Yacht Club Photo
Photo Credit: Crosswater Yacht Club Facebook Page

VIP Marina

This is not only the spot that offers you a place to fuel up. It is more than that. If anything, VIP Marina has a waterslide – a ship store and restaurant where they offer you all the delicious meals for the regular and first-time visitors, visiting the lake.

However, VIP Marina is known for its incredible gas deal offerings. Not just that but also, their facility is completely secured and doesn’t charge you with larger-than-life prices. They have people on the station who are trained to fuel your truck so that no customer gets to pump or fuel their boat on their own. They also hold several events to keep visitors’ interest alive at the marina and to keep them entertained throughout their visit.


  • Is it a fuel dock?: Yes, it is.
  • How much fuel does it offer?: About 88 Octane in total.
  • Does it have a ship’s store:? Yes, it does have.
  • Does it have a restaurant:? Yes, it does have.   

Location: 16107 B FM 2769

Phone No: (512) 331-5375

VIP Marina
Photo Credit: VIP Marina Facebook Page

The Gnarly Gar

The Gnarly Gar has one of the most fabulous outdoor areas that sets it apart from others. Located at 18200 Lakepoint Cove, it is one of the best places to fuel up – offering about eighty-nine octane fuel. On the dock, there’s a separate ship store where all your fuel-related queries are solved.

The Gnarly Gar also has a floating restaurant – a bar and a music venue that conducts live music sessions. The place further has large-screen TVs on which you can watch and fantasize over how the massive catfishes are fed from the dining deck. So, if you want to visit this place with your friends and family, this is the place you should visit.


  • Does it have a fuel Dock?: Yes, it does.
  • How much fuel does The Gnarly Gar offer?: About 89 Octane in total.
  • Does it have a Ship Store?: Yes, it does.
  • Is there any restaurant?: Yes, there is.

Location: 18200 Lakepoint Cove

Phone No: (512) 267-1845

Gnarly Gar Photo
Photo Credit: Gnarly Gar Facebook Page

Lakeway Marina

Not only a fuel dock, but Lakeway Marina is also a full-service marina – from offering boat rentals, party barge to the dinner cruise boat. Lakeway Marina is located at Lake Travis Marina around Lakeway Resort & Spa. It is also popular as Lake Travis’ biggest ship’s store and offers regular and ethanol-free fuel.


  • Does it have a fuel Dock?: Yes, it does.
  • Does it have a Ship Store?: Yes, it does.
  • Is there any restaurant?: No
  • Do they offer boat rentals? Yes

Location: 103 Lakeway Dr.

Phone No: (512) 261-7511

Marshal Ford Marina

Marshal Ford Marina is located only a mile away from the east of the Mansfield Dam. It is a few minutes from Downtown Austin, Texas. This place is protected and nestles in one of the basins. One of the best features of Marshal Ford Marina is that it has both dry stack storage which serves sails and powerboats.


  • Is it a fuel dock?: Yes, it is.
  • How much fuel does it offer?: About 89 Octane in total.
  • Does it have a ship’s store: No, it doesn’t have any ship’s store.
  • Is there any restaurant at the location: No, there isn’t!

Location: 12816 Park Dra

Phone No: (512) 266-1559

Marshall Ford Marina Photo
Photo Credit: Marshal Ford Marina Facebook Page

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