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Visiting Lake Travis

When visiting Austin, Texas there is no place more fun for summer activities than Lake Travis. It’s big, calm and is packed with picturesque views. Originally built as a reservoir on the Colorado River Lake Travis serves for fun in the sun and as a flood-control. Depending on the rain levels you can catch Lake Travis’ water depth fluctuating greatly with historical minimum to maximum water height change is nearly 100 feet.

Lake Travis is packed with weekend warriors, boaters, and party-goers.  Located in the Northwest of Austin, Texas, and ease of accessibility makes this a go-to destination attracting local residents and out of state travelers.

Lake Travis – The Travel Destination You Should Go For!

Whether it’s vacation rentals, hotels – any vacation spots, the getaway you need from the city-lights, or the delicious breakfast, Lake Travis offers you a multitude of recreational options around the shores. You can visit parks, boat rentals, fantastic marinas on the Lake, and whatnot! 

In contrast, the Lake also has some restaurants available, perfect to settle your mid-day cravings. You can also shop around, enjoy golf or live music near the shores. Simply put, Lake Travis provides diverse options to have all the vacationers enjoy their day. Some of them are listed below – be sure to check them out and cut on your day’s monotony by visiting Lake Travis.

The Zipline Adventures

Zipline Adventures Austin
Zipline Adventures Austin

Up for an adventure, this weekend? Enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Travis with Zipline Adventures! Starting from twenty-two stories above the water, the zipline tour in the Lake Travis is three-hours long. If that’s not all, you get to experience the longest, most enthralling zipping experience over the shores of Lake Travis in the whole of Texas.

For those of you who have jumped on the Zipline Adventures know exactly the experience this offers. The five-star Google reviews and the positive feedback speaks for the pulse-pounding experience you get, and there’s no denying, Zipline Adventures end the monotony of your tiring days like no other.

Lake Travis Party Boat Rentals

Austin Rental Boats
Austin Rental Boats

If you are wanting to go out and have a good time on Lake Travis then the party starts with a party boat rental. This is perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties or just wanting to get out for a good time on the water. We recommend checking out Austin Rental Boats. Austin Rental Boats is heavily reviewed on Google and offer a great party adventure to the legendary Devils Cove

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hamilton Pool Reserves
Hamilton Pool Reserves

If you break off down the Pedernales river you can make a visit down to the Hamilton Pool! This secret oasis is extremely excluded from big crowds as you must reserve your spot in advance. If you want to make a trip here we recommend booking reservation months in advance.  If a fun day at the beach or the tapering of waterfalls lurks you in, a day at the Hamilton Pool Preserve is what you should go for. People visiting the pool are all for it, and the positive google reviews with five-star google ratings scream for the calming experience you can have at the Hamilton Pool Preserve.

Krause Springs

Krause Spring
Krause Spring

Chances are if you are visiting Lake Travis, you are all for the natural settings, the Lake offers. That said, if nature refreshes you and you enjoy the calm sights these provide, Krause Springs should be the next place to visit. 

Known for the fun camping and swimming experience, Krause Springs has innumerable sites you can explore. With Krauss’s taking its roots from way back, the place is listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites. However, the Krauss Family owns the site for the past fifty years. There’s a natural stream-like pool of water that flows into Lake Travis where you can swim in the summers. Other than that, you can enjoy a camping experience in the primitive tent with 24/7 availability of water and electricity.

With butterfly gardens, wind chimes, and friendly people strolling around on the soul-gripping landscape, Krauss Springs feels like heaven. So, the next time you are visiting Lake Travis, don’t forget to visit Krause Springs!

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Cypress Valley Canopy
Cypress Valley Canopy

What’s more gratifying than nature itself? A day at the Cypress Valley, perhaps! Cypress Valley Canopy Tours provides you with a birds-eye view of the beautiful scenery around the shores. You get to witness several zipline experiences during your stay at the valley – the one-of-a-kind experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on. It’s fun, relaxing, and rejuvenates your day like no other. Also, it’s the kind of experience you would want to relive all over again – something that’s evident from the positive reviews and Google’s five-star ratings.

Landfall Sailing

Landfill Sailing
Landfill Sailing

If learning to sail is on your list by one of the best sailors in the city, go for Landfall Sailing in Lake Travis! They provide you with the learning experience of a lifetime, and you are sure to get hands down the top tips needed to learn to sail. However, if you only wish to entertain yourself, Landfall Sailing caters to that as well. The captain of the ship has the expertise to have you sail around Lake Travis. He’s experienced, well-trained and the ultimate sailing guide you need to commemorate your day at Lake Travis.  

Other Things To Do On Lake Travis

Still, looking for things to do on Lake Travis? Then check out some other listings on our website.

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