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Top Rated Golf Courses in Lake Travis

If you have been on your toes, you know how strenuous life can get. For instance, your work keeps you consumed through and through, and your mundane routine exhausts you like no other. Whether it is the peer-pressure or your persistence to put an end to the status quo, you wish for yourself to grow in all the right ways. But the stress that comes with it has had you working days on end, and a slight steer towards a rejuvenating experience like playing golf can revamp your soul.

In reality, playing golf is not only entertaining but also an exercise that impacts your health drastically. If you make it a habit and a part of your lifestyle, you realize its outcomes in a relatively short period. Anyhow, Lake Travis has some of the top-rated Golf courses, and you should better check them because the reviews have only been fantastic.

Falconhead Golf Club

Falconhead Golf Club
Falconhead Golf Club

Whether you are an experienced golfer or have only just begun your golf journey, the Falconhead Golf Club has it all. With the PGA designed layout, the golf club meets up to the standard of PGA’s intricate designs. For instance, the design has just the same quality that is given to professional golf players.

Located in the most popular Hill Country of Texas, the course is placed in the west of Austin. The location has knobby oaks and cedars, rolling hills, creeks, and ponds making the Falconhead Golf Club stand out among the rests. With 18 holes and a length of 7159 yards, the golf club has 74.9 ratings, 444 positive reviews from golfers, and has been standing thick and strong among all the other golf clubs since 2013.  Anyhow, Chris Gray, as the club’s architecture deserves us bowing our head down in respect for showing his brilliance in the design and architect of the course.


Members: $16

Public: $20

If that’s not all, there’s also a dress code that you have to follow if you want to play in the Falconhead Golf Club.

The Hills of Lakeway Golf Course

The Hills of Lakeway Golf Course
The Hills of Lakeway Golf Course

With its 4.6 star rating and 86 google review (and counting), The Hills of Lakeway Golf Course stands among the top-rated golf courses in Lake Travis. Right in the center of Texas Hills Country in Austin exists the golf course with its unmatched architect and design.

Now that the course was built in 1981 by three of the most popular architects in the year, the golf course is still among the top-rated golf courses in Lake Travis. Anyhow, the course doesn’t only provide facilities for golfers but also has the most fantastic facilities available. For instance, you can go swimming or play tennis as well. With eighteen holes in the course, the course also has separate practice holes in its premises, so that even the beginners can rejoice in the outcomes.



Point Venture Golf Club

Point Venture Golf Club
Point Venture Golf Club

With 4.6 stars ratings and 111 google reviews (at the time of this blog), the golf club is again one of the most popular golf clubs among the many golf clubs in Austin. The club was built in 1972 by Jimmy Demaret and had the most incredible Bermuda Grass, perfect for the golfers to cherish the playful experience. Precisely, Point Venture club has nine holes at most and is 3126 yards in length. 


Whether you are a junior, senior, or a member, you are charged as per the chart already designed for the rates.

Pedernales Golf Club (Willie Nelson’s Cut- N-Putt)

Pedernales Golf Club (Willie Nelson’s Cut- N-Putt)
Pedernales Golf Club (Willie Nelson’s Cut- N-Putt)

If you haven’t yet visited Pedernales Golf and you are an experienced golfer, you have missed out on quite an opportunity. The course has the most appealing sights, with nine holes. If that’s not all, the hilltops right across the Pedernales River in Western Travis County provide golfers quite an uplifting experience.

With a 4.4 rating with forty-nine reviews (at the time of this post), the course is still quite popular in Lake Travis. With elites like popular artists visiting the course and nine holes at most, you can come here to boost your mood in the most rejuvenating way. Also, the policies and rules here are slightly different than others. You don’t only play here, but the fun and a refreshing experience are at the heart of the Golf Club, so you can enjoy your time here even if you have only started your golf journey. The course has a year-round golf season and was designed in 1958 by Frank Howard. If you may, you can call on their number to book a membership.

University of Texas Golf Club

University of Texas Golf Club
University of Texas Golf Club

Sandwiched between Lake Austin and Lake Travis, The University of Texas Golf Club holds quite a substantial place among the top-rated golf courses in Lake Travis. It is a private golf club and absolutely equipped with the most lavish facilities to keep you healthy, active, and fit. If you are a fitness freak and lifting weights is your forte, the Golf club may have you covered. With eighteen holes at most and golf season all year round, the Private golf club was designed by Roy Bechtol and Randolph P. Russell in the year 2003.

Curtly, the UT Golf Club has 4.7-star google ratings and 117 reviews. In case you are still reluctant, the golf club has it all – sights, incredible facilities for the golf courses, and what not! Put your right foot on the course and swing your putter like a pro golf player. You can choose membership for yourself if you want to make the most out of this club.

Bottom Line

Now that you have all the necessary information required to enjoy your weekends in one of the top-rated golf courses hit one of them and cherish the experience. The courses are pleasing on the eyes and have it all you need as a golfer. Grass, architect, and holes and positive reviews – what is there that these courses don’t have? Book your spot this weekend and put an end to the monotony that exhausts you in all the wrong ways. Chances are, you’ll get to have a larger-than-life experience.

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