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When people think about Texas, the first thing that mostly comes to mind is the guns, horses, and cowboy hats. Well, if you dig a bit deep in Austin, Texas you will also find an exceptional style and fashion. Austin has always stayed true to its slogan “Keep Austin Weird” when it comes to the fashion scene. There is an extensive variety of taste and style in the fashion boutiques in Austin, Texas that can simply give you an experience you cannot find anywhere else. From work gear to everyday outfits, here are 10 of the very best boutique shops in Austin, Texas.

Beehive Boutique

If you love to experiment with your attire and try a new look frequently, then this is the place for you. From animal prints to teddy coats and bright-hued velvet scrunchies, Beehive always has a collection of trendy clothes. The clothes are not just well-made but also sold at a reasonable price. The best part is that the clothes are long-lasting. Despite some of the best designers working for them, Beehive has always been a go-to shopping stop for ladies all over Texas.

Beehive Austin Boutique

Charm School Vintage

As the world is moving forward, everything is turning digital. Charm School Vintage is one of the best online clothing shops that interacts with its clients, mainly through Instagram. If you like a product, whether it’s a 90s band T-shirt, cute ’60s dress, or any other accessory, you can simply buy it from their store. Having an online catalog helps its clients to learn about the product more and then make an informed decision. Located on the East Side, this shop has the best design from all the recent trends. Every garment they have is timeless and inspired.

Charm School Vintage

Passport Vintage

If you are someone who just cannot get enough of denim, then you have to check this boutique out. They have a wide collection of perfectly high-wasted, lived-in jeans that make your butt look like it should be on the cover of a 90s magazine. Since its establishment, Passport Vintage has evolved a lot and now has become a mainstream spot for denim lovers. In the last five years, the store has completely transformed from an online-only Etsy shop to a full-fledged boutique with a massive social media following. They also have some funky stuff like the Passport Vintage stocks, a fun mix of vintage athletic wear, crop tops, oversize sweatshirts, and T-shirts that have a local flair.

Passport Vintage Austin

South of Everywhere

South of Everywhere co-founders Domingo Anthony, Cade Wilson, and Emory Blake curate a “Hypebeast in real life” collection of high-fashion urban streetwear at their South Lamar shop. Stop here to exist out of the rest of realistic tennis shoes, sportswear, hoodies, and shirts, and stay for one of your normal nightly occasions.


This boutique is one of Austin’s high-end style goals, 2019 marking its 40th anniversary in the city. Buy original products of any appearance from Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Marni, and many more. Not just a feminine style provider, ByGeorge offers men’s clothing and a wide selection of original home products to ensure your style design is as stylish as your outfit.


STAG Provisions

Located prominently on the shopping street on South Congress Avenue, STAG Provisions for Men offers vintage and motivated men’s products. Think high-quality wool, down, denim, calfskin, and boots, the type of clothing that easily changes from day to night in this quiet Texas city. STAG recently introduced a sister brand, Daughters, which includes equivalent ageless denim and calfskin with a feminine touch.

Stage Provisions Austin

Sunroom Boutique

With areas in Austin and Malibu, Sunroom, which opened for the first time in a long time, a variety that captures the vibes of both neighborhoods to create a tasteful and characteristic bohemian style. Free bohemian maxi dresses and tops for denim jumpsuits and designer swimwear. It is a style that will make you spend the long and hot summers of Austin serenely.

Sunroom Austin

Outdoor Voices

Athleisure is a form of entry, thanks to Outdoor Voices organizer Ty Haney, who is one of the people responsible for making stockings satisfactory at work (and not just casual Fridays). The OV brand incorporates backdrops with locked shades, perfectly length cropped tops, and vivid exercise dresses in regular pastel hues, but the new hot pink flamingo costumes are group fun. Imperial Blue Baseball Tops: “Doing it” is a “cool” indication across the city because you probably picked one up while participating in one of the exercise opportunities. OV no-load network.

Outdoor Voices Austin

Feathers Boutique Vintage

Unique vintage discoveries make Feathers Boutique Vintage a haven for makeshift trackers. The guards behind the store do the extreme work of finding these top-notch pieces, which incorporate laudable hero looks (think of a two-piece leather suit in attractive turquoise color), as well as a wide selection of used clothing of vintage style mother pants and tank tops. Plumes also sell impeccable architect handbags, craft ornaments, and a vintage-style theme.

Feathers Boutique Vintage

Esby Apparel

This trendy clothing store conveys a hermaphroditic flavor that Austin author Stephanie Beard describes as “quality clothing for people with a masculine attitude.” This rule has led everyone to do the essentials that will continue for quite some time. Think teapots, shirt dresses, delicate robes, and denim more exemplary than in vogue. Check out Esby Apparel

Esby Apparel Austin

Bottom Line!

When it comes to fashion and style, Austin, Texas, always has something exceptional to offer. The city has many colors, and people from different walks of life come here to experience the trends of this city. It is one of the best places to shop in boutiques regardless of your style and clothing preference. Now find other things to do in Austin, Texas.

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