Top 7 best Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Top 7 Best Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Are you planning a night out with your friends? Or celebrating your anniversary? Or maybe you are looking to spoil yourself a little, whatever the reason there may be, you probably want to eat somewhere nice. Now everyone likes different vibe in a restaurant. Some prefer a quiet and warm ambiance for that perfect evening with their loved one. On the other hand, some may want music that complements the food and the overall experience.

Top 7 best Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Austinites love their food, and that’s why they have some of the most classic restaurants in Texas. The restaurants you’ll find in Austin have a keen obsession with their local ingredients, and therefore, they have a global influence. Austin, Texas is known for its smoke BBQ, goat chili Frito pie and amazing margaritas. The restaurants in Austin not only have fantastic food but everything you are looking to make your experience memorable. Here are some of our top restaurant picks for you to try.

1. ATX Cocina

ATX Cocina

If you have a love for Mexican food, then ATX Cocina is the perfect choice for you. The restaurant experiments with the Mexican cuisine boundaries taking them on the next level. ATX Cocinas over the top modern approaches makes them stand out among the competition. Corn is one of the essential ingredients in the Mexican cuisine and ATX Cocina processes and nixtamalizes their masa in house.
The restaurant is suitable for large gatherings, especially for birthday parties, family dinners, or an alumni get-together. The cocktails here will undoubtedly impress you, especially their mezcal-based cocktails and tequila.

2. Suerte


The restaurant was opened recently in 2018, and since then it has never failed to capture the hearts of its visitors. Food critiques come to eat here after a disappointing day of lousy food reviews. Fermin Nunez, the Executive Chef, is one of the most reputable individuals in the food industry and has made the entire menu, which highlights the exquisite taste of Mexico. The experience one gets in Suerte is not just warm but soulful as well. Some of the best dishes you’ll find in Suerte are: Suadero tacos, ceviche suerte and octopus’ tostada. Top these amazing cuisines with some of their flavorful, handcrafted cocktails like Nada Paloma and mezcal infused, to name a few.

3. Salty Sow

Salty Sow Austin

Ok, this restaurant is without a doubt an instant home run! The moment you walk in, the feel and vibe of the place will make you feel like this is where you were supposed to be. The staff is fantastic, and you won’t have to wait for several minutes to get the menu. The food you’ll find here is not just good in taste but also visually appealing. Their customers very much appreciate the staff at Salty Sow, and their work ethic is centered around providing you the best dining experience possible.

4. Launderette

Launderette Austin

If you are looking for a restaurant that excels in every food type, be it lunch, dinner, or the infamous brunch, then Launderette is the right place for you. The menu they have will leave you speechless, and you will be debating what the most delicious thing on the menu is. The answer is EVERYTHING. They are located around a beautiful neighborhood in East Austin like a hidden gem just glittering in the midst. Their pork shoulder is unparalleled by any other restaurant in Texas with zucchini bread on the sides.

5. Blue Dahila Bistro

Blue Dahila Bistro

In the heart of Austin, Blue Dahlia Bistro offers you countryside European cuisine at Blue Dahlia Bistro. This restaurant serves the simplest, local, and the most organic dishes at both communal and private tables. They have an outdoor patio where you can spend your evenings enjoying their home-made jam and blue cheese brie. Blue Dahila Bistro offers just what a person needs after a long day o work, a glass of wine, good food, great people, and a pleasant atmosphere.

6. Hillside Farmacy

Hillside Farmacy

Looking for a premium brunch spot then Hillside Pharmacy beats all other restaurants in town. The place has been in the business since the 50s and has a history of satisfied customers all over Texas. The interiors are sleek and stylish with a pinch of retro in the mix. The restaurant still has some of the original pieces from when it was in the 50s intact, adding a charm to the overall aesthetics. The menu is simple and executed to perfection. Their juices and coffee are the main highlights of this beautiful restaurant. Be sure to check them out.

7. Contigo Austin

Contigo Austin

One thing that Contigo has mastered is the art of making sure that even if a customer is waiting, he is happy. The restaurant has an amazing atmosphere to offer making it a great place to enjoy all the Texas dishes and everything farm fresh. It is modelled in Austin after the Contigo Ranch which you can visit in the Southern Texas. Other than the main cuisines the restaurant has an amazing selection of fine and mouth-watering siders and appetizers. That’s not all, it has a wide variety of selection in the cocktail department. You can make your reservation prior to the visit so that you never have to wait in line to enjoy an amazing meal.


So, there it is, our list of top 7 best restaurants you can find in Austin, Texas. The list has been made keeping every type of taste and foodie in mind. Be sure to check them out.


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