Jacks & Gingers St Patrick Day Party


The beautiful holiday of the Irish culture is just around the corner! Since the month of celebrating St.patricks day has started, people on March 17 will be seen dressed in green. They will also be indulging in various games and activities, such as creating festive crafts and feasting on foods from Irish cuisine.

This is the holiday for celebrating the unique traditions of Irish culture. These customs include learning the Gaelic, step dancing, or feasting heart dishes inspired by Ireland. Usually, the Christians will attend the church in the morning and go about the festivities in the afternoon. You would see them cooking dishes of their favorite heritage meal, such as bacon and cabbage. So, if you have arrived in Austin, Texas, for the first time, we have managed to curate a list of all the best things you can do on this day.

Let’s quickly get into it, shall we?

1.   St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival

Amongst many fancy restaurants in Austin, you should hit Jack & Ginger’s, Wonderbar, and 77-degree rooftop on this St. Patrick’s day, as they are going to team up to bring their customers a fun-filled day of celebration.

Drink a load of green beer if you haven’t already. Dance on Irish beats, played by renowned artists hired only to make your day enjoyable. Have some delicious American comfort foods if you aren’t too fond of Irish cuisine, and play catchy tunes from bagpipes to celebrate the luckiest day of the year.

Jacks & Gingers St Patrick Day Party

2.   Enjoy a Shamrock Shake

Created in 1967, the shamrock shake was made in honor of St. Patrick’s day. It was invented by a Mcdonald’s franchise owner Hal Rosen who added a green mint flavor to the shake. Since then, this popular milkshake has been sold seasonally at Mcdonald’s to celebrate this holiday.

Pop into your nearby McDonald’s to enjoy this shake or order it online for your friends too. If you are at a hotel, invite some friends and buy them this shake. They would surely love the experience!

Shamrock Shake

3.   Play Bingo

You would see people playing Bingo a lot in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and pubs. Bingo is a fun game that offers quality time with your friends. Gather a group of people if you are new to this town and participate in playing this game to kill boredom.

Whether you are at a pub for a couple of beers or having dinner at your hotel’s restaurant, prepare for a fun game night. You will be excited to know on St.patricks day; various symbols are associated with the holiday, such as leprechauns, the flag of Ireland, and pots of gold.

4.   St. Patrick’s Day @ The Cavalier ATX

This holiday isn’t just about chugging down beer, although we understand you won’t mind a cold beer to beat the heat, but how about doing it with your loved ones. If you wish to dazzle up your night, we suggest you go to the Cavalier.

They’ll be hosting an extravagant St.patricks party this year. And don’t worry if you have a pet dog. Feel free to bring it over to this party. This evening will be loaded with fun games, food, drinks, and music played by DJ Kid Gorilla. They will be no charges for parking as well.

5.   Celebrate Mass

St.patricks day is about honoring the Irish culture. Many people either feating on their culturally inspired dishes or take part in secular celebrations. But for some, this holiday is more serious to them. Besides, festivities this holiday is about the remembrance of the patron saint who brought Christianity to the country.

The Boston Public Library reports the catholic church, the Anglican Communion, and the Eastern Orthodox Church to commemorate the feast day. Take a trip to one of these churches and other Christians who share the same spirit. It would be a great way to get exposure to the Irish cultural heritage if you are not a Christian yourself.

6.   Enjoy A Family Brunch

As you all know, St Patrick’s day is for feasting for the patron saint of Ireland. Many restaurants cook up delicious dishes inspired by the Irish heritage and sell them on the menu. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Book your reservations at one of the most popular brunch places in Austin.

You could book a table at Round Rock Tavern to enjoy seafood boil and brew. Enjoy their delicious crawfish by the pound for just $6.99 and crab clusters as well as shrimps for 9.99 pounds. We bet you would have a ball of a time there.

7.   Bake A Fresh Soda Bread

Soda bread is a classic Irish specialty. Put your apron on and get ready to bake a soft, delicious soda bread to enjoy for breakfast or lunch. Get an Irish friend to help you with the recipe, or take one from the internet.

It won’t take long for you to bake the bread. This yummy treat will add a festive flair to your st. Patrick’s day.

Wrapping Up

You could always check out Irish pubs in the downtown Austin area for more Irish whiskey offerings. If you are looking for a night alone to relax or chill with friends, these pubs offer great comfort foods, a variety of beers, and fun games for making your night worth remembering.

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