Stranes Island

Starnes Island on Lake Travis

Known to the tourists as the travel destination, Austin, Texas, holds some of the most incredible spots you can visit in the world. The kind of places that are sure to leave you wonderstruck by the way they are designed and structured – either by mother nature or by the best in the city architectures.

Whether it’s the sunshine that keeps the travelers visiting or the entertainment Austin provides, keeping ATX at the top of the travel bucket list. When you finally make your trip to Austin, Texas be sure to keep the islands on Lake Travis as a spot to see. 

Not convinced yet? Perhaps, you haven’t yet heard of Starnes Island. The place is mysteriously calm and not known to many. Let’s get straight into the details of Starnes Island you could be missing out on.

The Mystery behind the Lake

Till the late 1930’s Lake Travis was just a hill in Travis County. However, it was until the 1940s that they (there’s not much known as to who exactly built the dam!) built Mansfield Dam on the Colorado shores and a lake – now known as Lake Travis, originated.

One of the most mysterious facts about Starnes Island is that to some, the Island is known as the Monkey Island, and others have named it as Rattlesnake or simply a Snake Island. They call it Monkey Island because there’s a folktale that says a pet Chimpanzee with his owner took a stroll on the island and one day later they couldn’t be tracked. Neither the monkey nor the owner has been found. Since this day the island became popular as the ‘Monkey Island.’ Then again, the story is only a legend, and there’s no evidence that you may find the two actually went missing.

On the other hand, the idea behind the island to be called the Rattlesnake island was right after the filling of the Mansfield dam – all the snakes went up the hill. However, after some time the snakes started to spread across the lake no longer being condensed with rattlesnakes.

Why Should You Visit Snake Island?

The Island hides in the plain sight on Lake Travis, and there’s no denying that not many know about Starnes Island. When you finally enter the island, you’ll find a few other visitors enjoying their day near the shores. There’s calm and peace exuding from every inch of the place, and you can easily take it as the fun gateway from the monotony that triggers you in your day-to-day routine. Starnes island isn’t too big so be sure to get there early to secure your spot.  Overall you can’t beat the exclusiveness of Strane’s island for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

The Fun on the Island

When you first land on the Island, your first step should be to find the spot to dock the boast on the Island’s east side shore. The access, you’ll find to be quite straight forward because there isn’t any long-hard process that can make accessing the Island troublesome for you. Other than that, swimming – even though it’s illegal to swim, we won’t tell on you. Lounging on floats basking in the sun or reading a book on the island in a lawn chair.

The Island attends to several party barges, and you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime during your celebrations. From a perfect scuba diving location to cliff diving, you can enjoy all sorts of fun activities on the Island.

The Fireworks on the Fourth of July 

Who wouldn’t want a night to remember on the fourth of July? Everyone, perhaps! There exist innumerable fireworks sights you can enjoy in Austin, Texas, on the fourth of July. However, Starnes Island takes the lead, providing you a reason to commemorate your night in unimaginable ways.

Starnes Island has hosted several fireworks shows over time. With people coming over and enjoying the show, different investors ensure to sponsor the shows making it one of the grandest fireworks show in the city. In case you are considering your options for this year’s fourth of July’s show, don’t forget to add Starnes Island to the list.

A Cliff Jumping and Scuba Diving Spot

Whether it is cliff jumping or scuba diving, Starnes Island covers fun in all areas. The shores are easy to reach, and the water is as fresh as the water you drink. Till now, the place only has garnered positive reviews from the scuba divers, i.e., a total of fifteen scuba divers have rated it as 3.33 out of 5. In contrast, the Island has just the right water level making it a perfect cliff jumping spot. So the next time you want to go on a cliff jumping experience, be sure to check Starnes Island.

Kayak on Starnes Island

Want to pack the yak for an overnight stay at the Island? Consider going for a kayak on Starnes Island. The lake has the perfect site for kayaking, and you are sure to have a worthwhile experience during your time on the Island. So, if your days need a revamp, choosing to kayak on Starnes Island can be quite an idea to enjoy.

Bottom Line

There you have it, your reasons to be visiting Starnes Island this weekend. It is located in the heart of Lake Travis and has entertained the locals for ages. The place has serene sights – worth looking at – and the sunset there tranquilizes you with its unmatched aura. If bored this weekend, be sure to kayak on the shores of Starnes Island, and chances are you’ll find your mind restful and rejuvenated.

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