Top Nine Bars On Rainey Street Austin

Looking for a place to go out on Rainey Street? We have you covered with our list of the top 9 bars on Rainey Street in Austin, Texas.

If you’re heading to Austin, make sure you keep an eye on some of the best bars on Rainey Street for a refreshing cocktail. A small neighborhood with a larger than life attitude. What was once considered a sleep street is now one of the best entertainment spots in Austin.


Baners Bar on Rainy Street

Bangers is without a doubt one of the best hangout places on Rainey Street. Knowledgeable and friendly bartenders, 101 beers on tap, and a wide selection of gourmet sausages. Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden. The best thing about this bar its beautiful and spacious outdoor seating area. If you wish to cherish the balmy weather of Austin, then there is no better place to be. A good old-fashioned bar for you and your pals where you can have a beer with a pinch of country music, giving you the complete experience.


Number two on the list is Half Step. If you know your way around the cocktails, then there is no place better than this. The bar is not afraid to try something new and experiment. The drinks served here are a piece of art as they are tasty. Ice carved into the shape of a diamond keeps the customers coming back for more.
With a dark and moody ambiance, having murmured conversation, Half Step is a great place to be with the people you hold close. The outdoor patio gives an entirely different experience furnished with picnic benches and strung with bright white lights. The place looks more like a party house than a bar.


If you don’t want to take things too seriously, this is the place for you. Acquiring the third spot on our list is Clive Bar, a sleek place with friendly bartenders and a perfect place to sit back and relax in a lounge. All cocktails in Clive bar are $8, one spot for all those who want a spend a couple of hours chilling with their friends and know what to spend.


Craft Pride Rainey Street

If you have a love for local beers, then Craft Pride is the place to be as they have an extensive collection of beers on tap. Get your growlers filled and buy bottles from the Texan breweries exclusively. Craft Pride is Austin’s beer staple on Rainey Street, serving as the pride of Texas. With a huge backyard, the bar benefits where you can also have a finely backed Detroit Styled Pizza with Via 313. The place has a vibe that is both casual and fun, and there are not many things that can beat the combination of a beer and a pizza after a hectic day.


Icenhauer's Sitting OUtside

Compared to other bars on Rainey Street, Icehauer’s is a bit more casual. Well-furnished with sofas and a laid-back ambiance. The place is known for some of the best cocktails in town where you can head back take a seat and enjoy one of their “lady-named” cocktails. We recommend trying one of their strawberry-flavored vodka drinks named Brittany, or their cucumber-infused lime and gin called Jennifer. If you have a thing for live music, then be sure to follow them on Twitter to know who is performing and when.


Augustine is another Rainey St. bar with an old school vibe. Augustine manages to meet the perfect balance between classy and groovy. They also have a funky cocktail menu. A spacious front yard furnished with patio and plenty of room to accommodate all your pals. Whether you need live music, arrange a party, or simply to get drunk, this place serves all purposes.



Rainey St is known for its bars that have the finest outdoor patios that serve creative cocktails, and Javelina is no exception. The bar also has a regional Texan menu, historic dance halls, hill country beer joints, and neighborhood ice houses. The bar takes its cues from some of the best place found in Texas.
Javelina carries the Hill Country Soul i.e., great place, good food and all in all a place to have a good time. The vibe of this bar is hard to put into words, be sure to check it out.



The Bungalow is an easygoing bar that offers backyard games on their big patio and relaxed uptempo environment depending on time and date. At Bungalow you can enjoy great music, toss bags and eat out at a taco truck in the front. It also has 21 beer taps, 21-inch HD television with excellent viewing areas. During midevening, this isn’t a bad place to watch a sporting event. Who knows if you get in early enough you can catch their happy hour specials.
Bungalow is nothing less than a spot for all your private conversations with friends to a grand meet-up. Located in the Rainey Street Village of Texas, it has all the ingredients of a great hangout spot.


Lucille Patio Lounge Front

Dog-friendly patio, spacious well-lit venue, excellent beer selection and two full-service bars, Lucille Patio Lounge, is Rainey St. Bungalow bar that makes you feel like you’re at home relaxing with your friends. The bar also has classic patio games, hammocks, and shade for your relaxation. Own a pet? Not a problem, Lucille Patio Lounge has a cool spot for your pest to nap and plenty of water supply for leashed dogs.
Lucille has expert bartenders that can make anything you want or suggestions on drinks you would like. They typically make something in the lines of exquisite cocktails, handcrafted liquor with fresh fruits. Low key music, sophisticated atmosphere, and exceptional aesthetics make sure you have a night to remember.

All in all, Rainey St. Austin, Texas has some of the best bars from all-night ragers to a few drinks catching up with old friends. If you are looking for a good time, it is sure to be found on Rainey St.


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