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Your Biker Gang - Austin Tours

We are the only place in the world where you can have YOUR OWN BIKER GANG, Yep. Leave it to Austin, Texas to birth one of the coolest experiences a group can do.  That’s right.  Form your own biker gang and join our professional road captain on an amazing tour.  So many San Antonio customers kept asking when we are coming to their town.  So we did.  Our newest location is also our most historic.  There are tons of amazing things to do and see as well.

Tour Route:

Depending on the tour you choose, it hits different Austin points of interest.  Some may include, Castle Hill graffiti park, Willie Nelson statue, Stevie Ray Vaughan statues, University of Texas, famous Austin murals, the famous Pfluger bridge, congress, 6th street and many more.  Our tours tend to cover more distance than any other Segway, Bicycle or Electric Bicycle tour in Austin.

Tour Length:

Morning and afternoon rides are around 2 hours with a 15-minute orientation.  Each tour is a bit different based on party size and skill level.  We also offer specialized tours ( mid day lunch, sunset, bat, pool, etc) as well as private events.  These specialized tours can have different lengths and costs.

Can Kids Come?

Our tours are absolutely a blast with kids.  Unlike motorcycles that legally prevent a parent from riding a small child on the front/rear - electric bikes do not.  So you may ride a child in front or in back.  They tend to love it!  Drivers need to be at least 16.  Passengers need to be at least 48 inches tall and the combined weight of the passengers should not exceed 300 pounds per bike.

What To Bring:

It's a fun, fast-moving outdoor activity.  So comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and sunglasses are the most common items to bring.  We prefer closed toes shows, though it's not a requirement.   We provide helmets of all sizes and you will be required to wear one.  Many patrons like to tip their road captain, so some cash on hand may be useful.  Each bike has a large basket under the seat to carry some gear.

Want Your Own Biker Gang Private Party?

We generally reserve Monday through Wednesday for private events, but can normally accommodate anything. Call in advance to book.


  • Biker Gang Ride - $69
  • Food Truck & City Tour - $69
  • Private Party Ride Austin - $64
  • Sunset Biker Gang Ride - $75
  • The Biker Gang Holiday Ride - $75

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  • 506 Walsh Street, Austin, Texas 78703, United States of America

  • 506 Walsh Street
  • (512) 893-6833
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