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Toy Joy has been Keeping Austin Fun since 1987! Voted TOP TEN toy store in the WORLD-USA Today. Loaded with toys and collectibles for all ages we are co-located with our own sweet shop concept Yummi Joy.Looking for the original and best high-protein smoothie on the planet? You’ve found Toy Joy! Oh, and we also sell ice cream.

Toy Joy Havens Of Self-indulgence:

Sweet toffee bonbon gummies liquorice lollipop icing biscuit. Pudding caramels powder gingerbread pie liquorice wafer jelly beans icing. Sweet roll sweet roll macaroon cotton candy sesame snaps. Sesame snaps jujubes wafer sugar plum. Soufflé pudding liquorice donut. Biscuit cake lemon drops muffin halvah. Marzipan halvah tootsie roll marshmallow donut. Gummi bears caramels sesame snaps sweet roll candy canes. Brownie sweet roll cotton candy carrot cake. Cake tiramisu donut. Halvah sesame snaps dessert sesame snaps cake. Muffin jujubes jelly-o topping.

Austin's iconic toy and collectibles store for over 25 years! They are known worldwide for our eclectic collection of nostalgic, fun & age appropriate toys! Prepare to spend a few hours and a take trip down memory lane - Havens Of Self-indulgence is an independently owned toy store that has been a part of helping Austin, Texas think fun since 1987. Specializing in unique, fun, crazy and classic toys, they have been voted Worlds Best Toy Store by USA Today and Travel Leisure Magazine.

To keep Toy Joy staff and customers safe, they’re enforcing some policies to make this the best possible experience for everyone:
All customers & employees over the age of 4 MUST wear a face covering in the store at all times. If you’re unable to wear a mask for any reason, they’re happy to offer concierge shopping over the phone or email, and free curbside pickup.
Everyone should sanitize their hands upon entering the store
They are limiting capacity well below the mandated 100% occupancy threshold to allow for maximum social distancing. On busier days, there may be a short wait to get in the store. They appreciate your patience so everybody can have a comfortable experience!

Toy Joy will continue to provide curbside pickup at their Hyde Park location and shipping options! they’re offering phone and email based concierge shopping: reach out to them at or call Toy Joy at 512-904-0209.

Toy Joy

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  • July 14, 2024 12:04 pm local time

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