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Oasis Texas- Lakeside Outdoor Mall overview:

The Oasis Texas- Lakeside Outdoor Mall started off as just an idea. Beau Theriot, the owner of The Oasis, has always been a visionary, but he did not imagine what his idea would eventually blossom into. Thirty-seven years later, The Oasis has become a well-known jewel nestled in Austin. They are best known as The Sunset Capital of Texas because most days of every year, hundreds of guests from all over the world come to see the breathtaking views and quite possibly one of the most spectacular sunsets they will ever lay eyes on.

There is so much to tell about The Oasis on Lake Travis, from its founding by Beau Theriot and - through Beau's vision - its rise to fame as The Sunset Capital of Texas, and then the fire in 2005, and amazing rebirth to the fabulous Oasis they now enjoy. But there's more!

Through the years, they've developed a few important traditions: The Oasis sunset tradition, including the Sunset Bell, which has its own story; the annual Oasis Sunset Bell, which has its own story; the annual Oasis Sunset Photo Contest; and Honoring Their Heroes with special memorial plaques. And there's still more at The Oasis! They have several special spaces for private gatherings of varied size, wedding ceremony and celebration spaces, and two great venues for live music and dancing, Beau's Backyard and our Starlight Terrace. Finally, they have one of our most famous traditions, their Lover's Locks. Couples, friends, parties, you name it- grab a lock from their Oasis Gift Shop and lock it to the balcony on their decks outside to make sure the memories you made during your visit never fade.

There are plenty of things to do, if you find yourself waiting to dine. Please visit the Oasis Gift Shop, roam their decks, grab a drink at one of our many bars, visit their live music venue (Friday through Sunday) and stroll the shops in the village. You will be paged when your table is ready. As the Sunset Capital of Texas, they have multiple viewing decks. If joining us for sunset dining, they advise you arrive an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. Even if you have not been sat, you will not miss the beautiful Oasis Sunset. Don't forget to snap your sunset photo and enter the Oasis Sunset Photo Contest.

Please understand that their busiest time of the year is March through October.

Oasis Texas- Lakeside Outdoor Mall

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