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Ladybird Lamar Beach Park

The Lamar beach segment of the Town Lake climb and bicycle path is best known for its person on a footbridge, whose unique plan is anything but the person on foot. The bridge has seats and plantings, and maybe an extraordinary put to observe the sunset. The western portion of Lamar Shoreline has fabulous areas of spring and summer wildflowers.

 Park Amenities

  • Boat pitch
  • Arbor
  • Cinch tables 
  • Playground (6baseball fields & 2 multi-use fields)
  • Restrooms
  • Lance Armstrong bikeway
  • Austin pets alive adoption Center

Services of the park

  1. Biking
  2. Boating
  3. Hiking/walking 
  4. Picnicking
  5. Wilderness eyeing

Prominent For

  • Hiking routes  
  • Lady Bird lake 
  • Science perspectives

A Recent project of the park

$10,000 for modifications to Bechtol-Harper and McEachern Fields.

$5,000 for dealing repair at Bechtol-Harper baseball field.

Events took place in the park

West Austin Youth held youth sports programs in 4 ballfields and 2 multi-use field grounds.

Contracted and permitted services

  • In 2013 West Austin Youth Association signed the agreement for 25 years with 10 years extension.
  • Austin pets alive license agreement was made in May 2012-13  and then extended May 2012-15.
  • On March 14, 2011, the contract signed between the YMCA and city became officials for 20 years unless the facility no longer regulates YMCA. 
  • The Texas rowing center made an agreement in May 2000 for 5 years terms.

Parking and transportation

 Bikeway and boat access onto Lady Bird Lake. 

 Cesar Chavez Street runs directly through the park holding almost 50,000 cars a day in each direction.
 The considerable volume of traffic thresholds the pedestrian and bicycle connectivity across the park.

 Today, there are two below grade and one at the grade crossing at B. R. Reynolds Drive along Cesar Chavez Street. 

 The distance between the crossings is about 3 miles or a 6-7 minute walk.

 There are currently 1.6 miles of dealing throughout the park.

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