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They’re serving up Central Texas barbecue with recipes exclusive to la Barbecue. Owner LeAnn Mueller hates the sweet stuff, so you’ll find special blends of salty and savory rubs, absolutely no sugar added to our coleslaw, and throwback dishes honoring LeAnn’s German relatives. Don’t forget the pickles!

Their Barbecue:

They <3 Bobby Mueller, and while their ‘cue honors his legacy, la Barbecue’s recipes are uniquely their own. Bobby liked it fast, but they cook their brisket low ‘n’ slow over Texas post oak for 14 to 16 hours. It’ll melt in your mouth! Forget about hormones and other crap in your meat. They source their beef from a local ranch, where it’s lovingly grass-fed and completely free of hormones. Trust us—you’ll taste the difference.  And sure, our meat doesn’t need sauce slathered on top, but our sweet sauce pairs perfectly with the salty beef.

Like the badass bosses they are, LeAnn and her wife Ali run la Barbecue in East Austin. The couple splits their time between the Live Music Capital of the World and L.A. with their pups Lilly, Mr. Pickles, Louie, and Zoe. It is not affiliated with the Quickie Pickie or it's staff other then renting out the kitchen for food service. All beverages including beer & wine are purchased through the QP.  la Barbecue is not responsible for lost or stolen items on the QP premises.

la Barbecue was established in 2012 in Austin Texas by Owner LeAnn Mueller. They have since built a crew of amazingly talented and passionate people who have helped grow this business and make the best BBQ we possibly can for the masses. Check out their website for preorders, menu details and of course a little background on la Barbecue

WAIT IN LINE, OR DON'T.Born on the south side of Austin in 2012, our bitchin’ barbecue can now be found in theheart of East Austin at the Quickie Pickie.And yes, usually with a line around the front. They love lines in Austin, y’all.LeAnn’s dad Bobby Mueller was an OG barbecue great, winning a James Beard Award in 2006—well, before ‘cue got all fancy and trendy. Their recipes celebrate his tradition, but with their own twists. You’ll find succulent brisket, house made spicy sausage, giant ribs, and a whole lotta delicious sides.

la Barbecue
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  • September 23, 2023 7:13 am local time

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