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Big Top Candy Shop has been a South Congress staple since October 2007. Decked out in antique circus memorabilia and dubbed “The Most Amazing Candy Store the World has Ever Known,” Big Top boasts a fully-functioning old-fashioned soda fountain and ice cream case, specialty chocolates and fudge, over 400 bulk candies, and over 3000 wrapped candies - from nostalgic favorites to new creations from across the globe. Satisfying the sweet tooth of kids of all ages, Big Top Candy Shop invites everyone to step right up and join our sugar-filled world!

  • SODA
    Our 24 oz. old-fashioned hand-jerked sodas are flavored with any of our spectacular soda syrups. With over 30 flavors, there are millions of combinations to choose from!
    Any soda flavor we've got, hand-jerked with an extra dollop of cream to top it off!
    Big Top Candy Shop can fix your 8 oz. Shaved Ice with any syrup flavor of your choosing! Ask our soda jerks for your favorite flavor.
    A traditional New York delicacy - a creamy concoction made with genuine kosher U-Bet's Chocolate Syrup, milk, and soda water! Despite popular belief, there is neither egg nor cream in this drink!
    From deep in the heart of Texas, we've got 8 rotating flavors of Blue Bell ice cream! Single and double scoops available in a cup, or on your choice of sugar or cake cones!
    Two scoops dropped down right where they should be, topped off with your choice of chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, or both, a big dollop of whipped cream, and that precious, indispensable cherry.
    Our skilled soda jerks will be happy to concoct any number of Ice Cream Float combos using your favorite soda and ice cream flavors. Big Top Candy Shop can make anything from the traditional Root Beer and Vanilla to Big Red and Chocolate!
    Big Top's traditional Shakes and Malts are made with REAL Blue Bell ice cream, not soft serve, which has become so unfortunately common. Due to the use of real ice cream, they take a few minutes for our talented soda jerks to concoct, so please be patient! Would you like whipped cream on that?

Big Top Candy Shop

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  • December 1, 2022 1:18 am local time

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