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Devil’s Cove On Lake Travis

You say party; we hear Devil’s Cove!

You have all heard about the crazy parties that are happening around the capital state of Texas. Friendly people, amazing venues, delicious food plus the never-ending excitement… there is something so different about the parties that are happening in Austin, something that you surely don’t want to miss.

But ask any Austinite, there are only two words synonymous to “party” for them- Devil’s Cove! And there is not a single place in all of Austin that hosts a party even near in comparison with the Devil’s Cove.

Peek below for an insider to the parties happening on Lake Travis’ hotspot;


Think of the BEST party you have ever been to in your life, now imagine the fun and excitement you had there, DOUBLED. So, if you have never been able to experience true adrenaline-rush, people have there every weekend, then you have to attend a party at Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis at least once in your life.

Regardless of the occasion, Devil’s Cove is the party cove in all of Austin. And if you are lucky enough to be in Austin during the summers or on the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day, then the Devil’s Cove is the hot spot you have to go to know what real party action is all about! 

Devils Cove
Devils Cove


There are several reasons why Devil’s Cove is such a popular spot among boaters, but the biggest reasons why it has become the most sought-after spot for gathering boats is its ideal location.

Devil’s Cove is basically a large cove located in Lake Travis on the Northshore, which is known for being the biggest boating location throughout the area. The cove is located on the east of Mossy Hollow and the west of Northshore Marina, which makes it lie right at the center, and due to that very reason, Devil’s Cove is an extremely renowned point among boaters.

However, this huge party is directed northwestern, technically, making it a part of Jonestown. Jonestown is a part of Lake Travis that has started developing rapidly over the past few years, making Devil’s Cove a hangout point and a party central.


There is so much that most people do not know about the Devil’s Cove. Did you know that there used to be some secret spots on Lake Travis allowing people to sit still during the day? YES! Before there was a huge party scene, the Devil’s Cove had some spots to let out stresses and calm yourself.

However, developments over the course of time have made it the perfect spot where everyone is welcomed to be placed right in the middle of the party when they visit Devil’s Cove. Regardless of the time and day, there is always a party happening on this part of the Lake Travis.

Before Devil’s Cove earned its “party reputation” other areas across the city such as Rough Hollow and Starnes Island were the hot spots for boat partying. But the experience at Devil’s Cove was entirely different than any other spot on the Lake. The intensity of the parties and the number of people were in no comparison from the way they happened at the Devil’s Cove.

Today, everyone knows that for a party, the go-to place is Devil’s Cove. Even though on occasions like 3-day weekends in summers, Spring Breaks, 4th of July, Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day call for celebrations everywhere across the capital state of Texas, things at the Devil’s Cove are always up and going, and every day is a celebration!

There have been several instances where the parties happening at the Devil’s Cove were almost put to an end. From a huge number of complaints regarding the loud music to the outnumbered people in boats, the issues against the cove and its happenings were on the rise. At one point, the parties became so insane, that several lakefront residents were bothered and issued an ordinance against the crazy party scene.

But that hasn’t been able to stop the fun here, and the parties have only up roared, getting wilder, crazier, and unbelievable, making Devil’s Cove an iconic part of Lake Travis.

Lake Travis Devils Cove
Lake Travis Devils Cove: Photo Credit DSky Media


There are so many things happening at the Devil’s Cove, all too fast, that you will find it hard to catch up. Often tied together, you will see over 200 boats floating, all packed in a specific area. However crammed everyone might be, there’s a guarantee that everyone would be having a great time. We recommend packing your own ice chest full of your favorite booze, bringing sunscreen, floats, and a good attitude. 

The Devil’s Cove doesn’t just have the typical pontoon boats. There is a huge number of runabouts as well as luxury boats with multiple bedrooms. There are also lake patrols and random boat safety inspections in which a sobriety test of boat operators is carried out.

If you are planning to visit this party destination, the ideal way is by coming prepared with a boat, and a designed driver, life jackets (for safety), and practicing moderation. In case you don’t have a boat, you can easily get Lake Travis boat rentals from various companies.

Whatever it is, get ready for a whole lot of music, alcohol, and wild time of partying here, at the Devil’s Cove!

By any chance, you get bored on Devil’s Cove you are never too far from other top things to do on Lake Travis or to find some of the best Lake Travis restaurants. Also if you get drink a bit too much you can also crash at some of the top hotels on Lake Travis.


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