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Everything You Need To Know About Barton Springs

Whatever you have ever heard about Austin, is probably true! With a huge list of fun and amazing things to do in Austin, it is close to impossible to mark what places are a “must-visit.” Without a doubt, the city is filled with must-visit attractions! From an obscene amount of food trucks, swimming holes, and an innumerable amount of festivals, Austin has it all!

Even though the heart and capital of Texas, is famous for its art scene and iconic live music concerts, Austin is home to some major tourists attractions. One of the most unique places in Austin that is known to take your breath away because of its beautiful and refreshing aura, is the Barton Springs Pool. The pool is not just the favorite locale for the residents; tourists in Austin list Barton Pools as undoubtedly one of the must-visit places!

So, if you are open to suggestions for adding places on your Summer Bucket list, make sure that Austin tops the list, because who doesn’t like diving in cool waters during the hot summer days! Not only is the pool the ideal place to be in the warm weather, but the peaceful atmosphere at the Barton Springs is surely set to give you an unforgettable time and tons of memories to hold onto!

Need to know more? Read on to learn about Barton Springs Pools’s history, fun facts, and what you need to avoid when you are packed ready to visit the place!

What is Barton Springs Pool

Nestled in the midst of Zilker Park, Barton Springs Pool is a public pool that stands today as the soul of Austin. To say that the pool is an outdoor oasis wouldn’t be an exaggeration since the pool itself measures three acres in size (yes, you read that right!), and the springs fill the pool to a maximum of more than 18 feet! (yes, that’s true too!) 

The water in the pool is neither brought artificially nor is it chlorinated; instead, it flows directly from underground springs. Yes! This means that the temperature of the pool remains maintained naturally at 68 to 70 degrees all year round!

Feel like exploring your somersaulting skills? The pool has a diving board attached to it too! This board is a popular and a favorite pastime for people of all ages, young and old!


History of Barton Springs Pool

Here is something really interesting. The Barton Springs Pool was considered as sacred water originally by the Tonkawa Native American Tribe. The native settlers believed that the springs possessed spiritual healing powers, and the tribe used the waters for certain healing rituals as well.

As time passed and the city of Austin was incorporated, a man named Willie Barton settled the springs area. He proposed the idea of using the springs as a place to swim. Since then, Austinites have fished, waded, and socialized in the clear blue waters of the Barton Springs.

Barton Springs Pool has been the center of attraction and drawing people from everywhere across the globe since the 1800s. Even today, Barton Springs Pool is known for welcoming people from far and beyond. From free-spirited legislators to topless sunbathers and little kids, the pool is the perfect vacation spot! 

Barton Spring Fun Facts

Now that you have a basic idea about the Springs Pool, here are some fun facts about the beautiful Springs Pool!

Soul Or The Crown Jewel?

How about both! Barton Springs Pool is not “just a pool” for Austinites. It is not just the “Soul of Austin,” this man-made three acred pool is definitely the city’s Crown Jewel too!

Where Salamanders Swim Too!

One of the most interesting facts about Barton Springs Pool is that it serves as the home to the endangered Barton Springs Salamander and Austin Blind Salamander. This is why the springs have been listed as a federally protected habitat!

SO Many Visitors!

Yes, the number of tourists around the year who visit the Barton Springs Pool annually is about 800,000! That’s a lot! And because of this, the Barton Springs Pools is one of the most popular destinations in Austin.

Not One, But Four!

This is actually true. The Barton Springs Pool is made of four main springs; the Upper Spring at the west side of the pool, the Main Spring near the diving board, Eliza Spring around the concession stand area, and the Old Mill Spring at the Sunken Garden!

You Might Find Someone Famous!

Did you know that Robert Redford learned to swim at the Barton Springs Pool when he was five years old? So you never know! You might find someone famous at the pool!

No Such Thing As Too Hot!

Here is something really strange but a hundred percent true. Barton Springs allows topless sun-bathing!

Hours of Operation

Good news! The Barton Springs is open daily, typically from 5 am onwards. However, it is closed every Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm for methodical and vigorous cleaning techniques for maintaining the pool area for guests as well as the wildlife.

If you need information regarding the operating hour schedules or anything else that seems like a concern to you, call the Barton Springs Hotline (512-867-3080). If you are planning a one-day visit to Baryon Springs, register with Aquatic Office

Admission Costs

There are ticket kiosks in front of the Barton Springs Bathhouse as well as the south pool entrance. You can purchase your entry ticket through credit or debit cards. Once you show the entry ticket to the cashier, you will be admitted to the pool.

The entry ticket cost is different for different age groups, and the costs for residents and non-residents are varied too. The rates are listed below:


Senior (aged 62 and above)- $2

Adults (aged 18- 62)- $5

Juniors (aged 12-17)- $3

Child (aged 1-11)- $2

Children under 1- FREE!

Non- Residents

Senior (aged 62 and above)- $5

Adults (aged 18- 62)- $9

Juniors (aged 12-17)- $5

Child (aged 1-11)- $4

Children under 1- FREE!

Prohibited Items

Listed below is a list of things that are prohibited at the Barton Springs Pool:

·      Food

·      Glass

·      Pets

·      Alcohol

·      Smoking

·      Drinks (Permitted only if in a plastic re-sealable container with a twist-top lid)

·      Coolers, thermal bags, and ice chests

·      Frisbees, soccer ball, football or any other hardball

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