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Options & Tools For Your Business Listing

We’re Constantly Improving Our Directory Services. Below are some of our basic options. Items may vary depending on listing type and product selected. 

SEO Content

All listings are indexed on search engines regardless of what plan you select. Listings come schema markup.

Verified Listings

All created and claimed listings are verified. All verified listings get visibility preference over none verified listings.

AD Placements

Want to show your business in front those who search our directory? Select what Promotion campaign is best for you and get noticed!


Get reviews on your listing! All reviews come with Schema Mark Up to be seen in google search results. Manage your reviews on the backend.


Our directory provides you with analytics specifically for your listing and results of your listing. Once logged in you will be able to see your results.

Display Map

Offer an easy location finder with our map display. Our searchers will be able to locate your business easily from your business listing.

Social Channels

Connect with potential customers easily by providing your social media channels on your business listing. You are one click away from a new follower.

Image Gallery

Show your business off by displaying your best images on your business listing. *Limited uploads depending on listing.

Video URL

Have a great video? Then be sure to pick the right package to show off your companies video on your business listing.

Things To Do In Austin Business Listing

Things To Do In Austin website is way more than your typical link and search directory. We offer unique packages containing fields to help our customers build a one of a kind listing for their business. We are actively and aggressively growing our organic search traffic to help get our customers expsoure. As we simultaneously seek to curate all things to do in Austin, Texas, along with local Austin businesses. With our listings, our customers will get full access to their backend analytics dashboard.

In addition, to our listing services, we offer a full line of web services for new startups and even existing website owners. We are helping our customers succeed online. If you are interested in more services, please go here.

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